Can different types of paint be used together?

It is best to stick with one type of paint to minimize the chance of ruining your subject model. For example, choose to use either acrylics, enamels or lacquers and stick with that type of paint. As enamels and lacquers are far more resilient that acrylics, it is possible to apply an enamel paint (or a lacquer paint) and wait for it to FULLY HARDEN. This could take a few days. Once completely hardened, an acrylic paint can be applied over the hardened enamel or lacquer. It is NOT ADVISABLE to attempt to apply an enamel or lacquer over an acrylic paint. The enamel or lacquer will attack the acrylic and ruin the paint.

The different types of paint cannot be mixed when wet, and it is strongly advised that different brands of the same type of paint are not mixed when wet. Variations in the chemical composition of the paints among manufacturers usually results in the different brands of paint being incomparable with each other when wet. In other words, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for best results.