Race 5" Pod X Frame

$99.95 $79.95 $20.00

The BRIX Race is the perfect companion for your BRIX Trainer . The BRIX Race is faster, lighter, more streamlined and cooler than the trainer version. Practice on the BRIX Trainer, and pull out the BRIX Race on race day.

The BRIX Race is built for 5" props and weighs less than 85 grams including fasteners. The arms are made out of the highest grade full twill 4mm carbon fibre and feature a near unbreakable polyurethane pod resulting in an incredibly tough 5 inch X frame.

Each frame includes a red 45 degree TPU pod, 2x battery straps, a fastener kit, bottom plate, top plate and a custom PDB designed with the FMR Kakute in mind.

The pod is designed for HS1177 form factor cameras and the AU799T VTX or similar.