Tamiya 1:35 Russian Medium Tank T-34-85 (w/2.4GHz Control Unit) Kit - T48210

$339.95 $299.95 $40.00

This is a 1:35 scale R/C assembly kit model of the famous WWII Russian T-34-85 tank which forced the invading German forces to develop the Tiger and Panther tanks to counter its strength.

This 1:35 scale assembly kit R/C tank features exciting and realistic maneuverability with sound and light effects.

Kit includes pre-assembled gearboxes and turret rotation unit for ease of assembly. Forward/reverse running, left/right turning, sharp turning, and pivoting, as well as turret rotation and main gun elevation/depression can be controlled.
The onboard speaker produces realistic sound effects such as engine sounds, main gun firing, damage sounds and explosions. Main gun muzzle flash and hull recoil effect are also reproduced.

Tamiya's unique infrared light system will allow you to have battles with 2 or more tanks.

The model features highly detailed upper hull with lower hull and road wheels specially designed for R/C operation.