1:10 DT-03 Racing Fighter Black Edition - 84435


A Powered Up DT-03
The DT-03, already a fine off-road chassis thanks to its long wheelbase and superb stability, is paired with a host of option parts for further-refined performance. Full ball bearings plus metal drive shafts and wheel axles ensure efficient drive from the torque-tuned motor and great durability, while the 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension features CVA oil dampers, and turnbuckle upper arms allowing camber adjustment. A hi-torque servo saver ensures snappy handling.

Always in Fashion
Chassis, damper stays and front uprights are molded in ever-fashionable black, with an accent provided by gray dampers, red wheels and black lock nuts. The stylish Racing Fighter single-seater buggy body and its rear wing are molded in polycarbonate. Paint them with Tamiya Color Spray for Polycarbonate and apply the stickers, put them on your assembled Hopped-Up chassis, and get ready for the drive of your life!

Length: 400mm, Width: 244mm, Height: 134mm
Wheelbase: 287mm
Tread: 222mm (Front), 208mm (Rear)
Tire Width/Diameter: 23/81mm (Front), 41/86mm (Rear)
Monocoque Frame
3-Bevel Differential
2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
Gear Ratio = 8.30:1
Torque-Tuned Motor
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is Included

Separately Required Items:
2-Channel R/C System

Battery Pack & Charger