Ring Of Rule - Return of the Cursed Legion 28mm - 8807

Ring Of Rule - Return of the Cursed Legion 28mm - 8807

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This 28mm medieval fantasy Game Set is complete with the Ring of Rule Legend Book

Game Rules Book
20 sided die
Personal figure stands
Flags for the Royal Infantry & Cursed Legion
Regiment cards
Coloured pen
Control Zone pattern
Pieces to assemble 20 Royal Infantry Troops & 24 Cursed Legion skeleton Warrior Figures

The Legend:
They were mighty old warriors wearing armor darkened from time. The oblivion erased the symbols from their shields, the earth made their bodies dust, the gods forgot their names, the demons tortured their souls. For thousands of years they were standing on the border between the light and the darkness, between the past and the future,
waiting for the one who would lead them.
When he approached the top of the Gloomy Hills leading the army of the dead, he saw the approaching army of King Almir. The green flags of Kelenoris flew over their heads. When the armies saw each other, they stopped awaiting the order to advance.....

This kit is a detailed scale model for hobbyists.
Glue and paint sold separately.
Warning choking hazard, contains small parts.
Age: 10+
Actual product may vary slightly from the pictures shown.