Princess Cake & Cookie Baking Emulsion (4 Oz)
LorAnn Oils

Princess Cake & Cookie Baking Emulsion (4 Oz)


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LorAnn Oils Princess Cake Baking Emulsion is better than an extract.

Water-based instead of alcohol-based so the flavor won't bake-out.
LorAnn's baking emulsions has a light, nutty taste accented with undertones of citrus and rich vanilla.
Use it wherever you want to impart a creamy flavour.
Delicious as a flavoring for butter cream frosting.
Flavor combination: Vanilla + Almond + Lemon.
Substitute Princess Cake and Cookie in your recipes calling for vanilla extract for a winning flavor update!
Try it in your favorite chocolate chip or sugar cookie recipe for a new flavor twist.
1 teaspoon extract = 1 teaspoon emulsion.
Kosher certified.
Soluble in water.
Packaged in BPA free, recyclable PET plastic bottles.
Each bottle contains 4 fl oz (approximately 118ml).