H.M.S Belfast Premium Line Model 1:150 - GR2205

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In 1939 the HMS Belfast, the then largest light cruiser of the Royal Navy, was put into service. The Belfast took active part to the Second World War and the Korean War. In 1965 the Belfast was decommissioned and in 1971 it was converted to a museum ship. Nowadays it is part of the Imperial War Museum anchored at the Times in London.
The Belfast is 187 m long and 19,3 m wide. Up to 850 men were doing their service aboard the Belfast. The light cruiser was capable, with its 80.000 HP, of a top speed of up to 32 Knots.

Product characteristics:
(ARTR) almost ready to run model
Glass fiber hull
Structures made of laser-cut ABS parts
Details and small parts in metal
Safety boats with multicolor painting
Hull, structures, cranes spray painted with matt painting
Applied decorations
Four installed electric motors
Easy installation of the RC components
Package content: model, ship stand, small parts

Recommended accessories:
Graupner transmitter set mx-12 and GR-12 (No. 33112)
Graupner Navy V40R speed controller (No. 2875)
Lead battery 6 V 4 Ah (No.769)
V-connector (No. 3936.11)
Connectors set G21 (No. 2989)
Faston flat connectors (No. 3597)
Highly flexible copper litzwire (No. 3389)
Graupner high performance silicone oil (No. 206)
Heavy duty grease (No. 570)
UHU thread-lock fluid (No. 952).

Recommended age: 14+