Viper FPV Headset w/Diversity & DVR


FXT Viper FPV Headset

FXT has designed a unique set of FPV goggles that carry many unique features to go with it! First off, it uses an integrated refractor to reflect the screen instead of your eyes staring at the screen itself, relieving some of the eye strain typically associated with looking at monitors. Another feature that many will be refreshed to hear is that these goggles work great with glasses, even with the sunshade attached!

Overall, the goggles are rather lightweight and the face padding is generous, giving you comfort over extended viewing periods. Speaking of extending viewing periods, there is even a mini HDMI-IN so you can use these goggles for multimedia entertainment as well as for FPV!

The built-in DVR uses Micro-SD cards so you can store all your flight footage directly to your card.

- DVR recording length is now 10 minutes *previous 3 minutes
- Aspect ratio 16:9/4:3 switchable *previous 16:9
- 40 channels, *previous 37 channels
- Integrated refractor
- Ergonomic design
- Useable with glasses
- High-quality image
- Integrated DVR
- Diversity RX
- Autoscan channels
- Support HD IN