Digital 132 Ford Fastbacks Set - 30194

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The Mustang has been racing from the first year it was made in Detroit. The small, lightweight American car enjoyed instant success, both in the US and internationally. Back then, in the SCCA and Trans Am, and today as a vintage racer, the Mustang has always been a winner. The short wheelbase coupled with Ford V8 power was a winning combination back then, just as it is now on your slot track. A matched pair of fastback Mustangs gives you optimized performance for head-to-head racing. The 1:32 scale digital "Ford Fastbacks" set with big tracks and cars guarantees outstanding slotcar racing! Lane-changing, tactical passing and races involving up to 6 cars on the 9.3 metre racetrack guarantee a real racetrack atmosphere at home!

1 x GT No.49
1 x Mustang GT No.16
Instruction sheet
Control Unit
4 x Double sliding contact
Double lane change section
End sections outside shoulder 1/30
64 x track section bolts
2 x Speed Controller
11 x Curve 1/60 degrees
6 x Guardrail
40 x Guard rail supports
Lane Change Curve - left, out to in
12 x Standard straight
6 x socket

Depending on the driver’s ability and skill, the speed can individually adjusted with up to 10 levels. Simple vehicle coding using the manual control unit. Vehicles can be used on Evolution. Pace car and autonomous car function. Adjustment option for the maximum speed and braking behaviour of the vehicles. Pit stop lane as an accessory, maximum fuel tank capacity of the vehicles can be varied. Up to 6 drivers simultaneously. From age 8.

Not suitable for children under 3 years. colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated.