Kodo Quadcopter with Camera RTF

Kodo Quadcopter with Camera RTF

$119.95 $79.95 $40.00

The Kodo is as complete as any ready-to-fly quad out there, shoots crystal-clear photos and videos, does flips at the touch of a button and measures just 105 mm (4.1 inches) diagonally.

And that's just part of the story. You see small, you think "fragile" - and the Kodo is anything but. Smart construction makes it first-timer tough and big-time durable.

Still, while the Kodo is hard to damage, it's one easy quad to fly. Its advanced electronics include a stabilization system that puts a 3-axis gyro and 3 accelerometers to work keeping the Kodo right-side up and level. Plus, the radio gives you a choice of three flight modes - Easy, Normal and Expert - so you can start with it, stay with it and most of all, have fun with it! In fact, with the Auto Flip button, you can do 360° flips like the pros your first time out!

It's complete, too; the KODO is ready to fly, with nothing to buy. You get everything in one box, right down to "AAA" batteries for the 2.4GHz radio.