DPR Models

DPR Models Chuckie 300mm Balsa Glider Kit - DPR1000


Whats that? You haven't owned a DPR Chuckie? You haven't lived. May we politely ask where on earth You've been all these years? Previous Chuckie owners wont bother reading the rest of this, they'll already be heading for their local JP stockist to pick one up. Everyone else, take note: Designed many, many moons ago the Chuckie is an aeromodelling classic that's been sold in massive numbers over the years.

Tough, practical and offering outstanding flight characteristics it's not just the kids that love em, oh no. Get a group of model flyers together, give them each a Chuckie and you'll be amazed how superbly well this lightweight all-balsa glider can be trimmed and flown, especially in competition. Its all down to how you build it, how you lighten it, and how you trim it. This, then, is what makes the Chuckie such a successful machine. Build it strong for the kids and they'll marvel at how well it flies. Sand it, lighten it, tune it, and it becomes a very capable flyer for discerning aeromodeller.

Wingspan (mm): 300
Length (mm): 335
Construction: Balsa

What you need:
Glue (balsa cement, PVA or cyano)