Croco Jungle Research Station - 42350

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Go on a wild adventure! The CROCO research station awaits you in the jungle, with lots of play functions and exciting features. Set off on a research mission in the jungle and discover rare species, look after injured animals and find the secret treasure in the CROCO skull!

Contents: 1 x large CROCO skull with secret hiding place, 1 x jungle research building, 6 x railings, 1 x Ranger Tom, 1 x crocodile, 1 x orang-utan, 1 x black panther, 1 x Asian elephant calf, 1 x hoist container, 1 x net, 1 x viewing platform with trapdoor, 1 x radar, 1 x mast with flag, 1 x hammock, 2 x shelving units, 4 x hooks, 1 x folding chair, 4 x silver-coloured cage parts with doors, 1 x dividing wall for cage, 6 x enclosure parts, 1 x treasure chest, 20 x gold pieces, 1 x crystal skull, 2 x torches, 1 x treasure map, 1 x fire pit, 1 x tripod with hook, 1 x kettle, 2 x tree trunk seats, 1 x aluminium-coloured box, 1 x spade, 1 x axe, 1 x survival knife, 1 x binoculars with carrying strap, 2 x plates, 2 x camping cups, 1 x satellite phone, 1 x laptop, 1 x sticker sheet

Designed to be as realistic and naturalistic as possible, the detailed and carefully molded Schleich figures encourage creative and imaginative play. Age rating: 5-8