Carrera Go!!! Mario Kart Set - 726662431


A perfect match Mario and Luigi jump in their new Special Circuit Karts for a speedy spin around the Carrera GO!!! racetrack. Which of the two will finish first this time? After the fly-over they race at full speed around the loop and take all the momentum with them into the steep bend.

The 6.2-metre/20.34 ft.racetrack boasts a fly-over, junction and high speed straights for the perfect nerve-tingling experience out on a wild chase. The world famous brothers from the Mario Kart racing series deliver neck and neck racing action and speed.

Their cars have been given stylish designs with perfect racing looks for a battle like this. It's time for a thrilling head-to-head!

Nintendo Mario Kart™ Circuit Special - Mario
Nintendo Mario Kart™ Circuit Special - Luigi
Straights 3.94in 100mm (3) + 4.49in 114mm (3)
Narrow Section (2)
Go!!! Connecting section (from 2017)
Straights 6.73in 171mm (4)
Go!!!/Go!!! Plus Electronic Speed Controller (from 2017)
Circular timer track
High Banked Curve 1/45° (4)
Fly Over (not for sale)
Curve 1/90° (2)
Straights 13.46in/342 mm(2)
Looping Set

Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated.