5" X Trainer Racing Quad Frame

$99.95 $30.00 $69.95

Your multi rotors are full of hundreds of dollars worth of sensitive electronics, and too many frame designs leave these components exposed and vulnerable, with some even using them as structural components. The BRIX centre pod uses 2mm interlocking carbon fibre and has extremely rigid qualities whilst also protecting your components from impacts. .

Designed for the HS1177, HS1190 camera, we recommend 20-30A esc’s depending on your motor choice and prop combination. LittleBee 20A, Aikon 30A, KISS 24A FMR ESC 33A all mate nicely with the frame arm thickness. Accepts any standard size flight controller, including the FMR Kakute, KISSFC, Naze32, LuxFC etc.

Please Note: The Brix is a very tight build and we highly recommend soldering your wires to the PDB first – then soldering them to your ESCs

Included with your Brix frame:
1x 2mm carbon fibre bottom plate
1x 2mm carbon fibre middle plate
1x 2mm carbon fibre top plate
4x 6mm carbon fibre arms
2x 2mm carbon fibre side plate
1x 2mm carbon fibre rear plate
2x 2mm carbon fibre camera plate
4x M3x20mm nylon screw (FC PDB stack studs)
8x M3x1mm nylon washer (space PDB from threaded inserts)
4x M3x6mm nylon spacer (space PDB and FC)
5x M3 nylon nuts (fix FC and PDB to nylon studs)
6x M3x8mm SS screw (fix top plate to stand offs)
10x M3x11mm SS screw (fix bottom, arm, mid to threaded inserts)
6x M3x16mm SS screw (fix bottom, arm, mid to standoffs)
20x M3x9mm SS screw (fix motors to arms)
4x M3x28mm aluminium standoff
12x M3 threaded insert
The USB port can now be accessed through the slot in the rear plate.
1x Power Distribution Board (PDB)
2x Battery Straps