ECX 1:10 AMP 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Black/Yellow - 03029AU1


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Unbeatable in both performance and durability, the 1:10 scale AMP 2WD Desert Buggy doesn’t shy away from rough terrain. Its hard-hitting durability alongside means that not even the toughest of conditions will stop you in your tracks.

540 Size 20T brushed motor
Waterproof electronics
Full range 2.4GHz transmitter
Rechargeable Dynamite® 7.2V 1800 mAh Ni-MH battery included
NIMH 2A, 240V Wall Charger
Nylon composite chassis
Oil-filled shocks
Fully painted and decaled body
Oil-filled shocks
Captured hinge pins
Fully painted and decaled body

What You Need:
AA batteries for included transmitter