Team Corally

1:8 Scale Python XP 6S Buggy EP Brushless Power 6S - C-00181


Team Corally 1:8 PYTHON XP 6S Buggy EP Brushless Power 6S
- No Battery - No Charger

When you have a need for insane, crazy speed, you need to take a look at the Python action buggy! With up to 6S LiPo power and a 2050KV motor, you can utterly dominate the rest of the basher crowd with the amazing Python super buggy! It's perfect for dirt jumps and skateparks - wherever you want to achieve air supremacy and astounding fast speeds!

With an ultra-durable, all-metal four-wheel drivetrain, fully independent suspension, racing chassis and aerodynamic racing design, this is the ultimate basher vehicle for anyone looking for awesome speeds and HUGE jumps!


o Pre-built racing style buggy with electronics, bodyshell and tyres installed
o Team Corally TOROX 185 ESC 2-6S with LiPo protection (programmable)
o Team Corally Kuron 2050kV 4-pole brushless motor 2-6S
o Varioprop® CR-7220-MG High Torque Digital Servo, Metal Gear, 20 Kg Torque
o Aluminium servo arm
o Ergonomic Varioprop® S2R transmitter, with interference-free 2.4GHz technology
o Separate splash-proof and dustproof electronic box with transponder mount
o Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
o Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
o All transmission ball bearings are 8x16x5mm
o Hardened steel spur gear and motor pinion
o Three sealed metal differentials individually filled with silicone oil
o Quick + Easy diff access
o 2-piece aluminium motor holder with composite gear cover
o Complete metal drive train
o Steel front CVD joints
o Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
o Oil-filled threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
o Shock spring perches locking system
o Milled aluminium shock towers, 5mm rear / 4mm front
o Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
o Independent double wishbone rear suspension
o Aluminium suspension mounts with composite cover
o Full set of machined steel turnbuckles with 7mm hexes
o Individually adjustable chassis and steering geometry
o Team Corally RSP anti-roll bar system, front + rear
o Aluminium chassis plate
o Reinforced chassis side guards with integrated body protection
o Front bumper with chassis protection
o Reinforced High Downforce Wing + Wing Holder
o Pre-glued high-speed low-profile tyres on black 5-spoke nylon rims
o Sturdy, elaborately printed polycarbonate body
o Many tuning parts available for individual customization
o 110+ km/h (70+ mp/h) possible

Required for operation:
4s or 6s Battery Pack (XT-90 Plug)
Suitable Battery Charger
4x AA Batteries for remote